Ramen Kitty

Kitty eating ramen by          Tom Beasley

Always in love with Nature and the beauty of transformations; seeds into flowers, vegetables and trees, tadpoles into frogs and caterpillars into butterflies!  Since 1978, Dragon Moon Tattoo Studio, Inc. has transformed drawings on paper onto the bodies of thousands of clients and we continue to do so.  Long ago we made the decision to stick close to home and “work our spot” the advice given to Tom years ago by the Grandfather of Modern Tattooing — Franklin Paul Rogers.

Working our spot over the past 45 years has given us an interesting perspective on the changes in our Community of Color, the growth of our chosen form of art, now elevated to a level of acceptance unforeseen back in the day!  We are proud to be a pioneering part of this change; from the very wrong perception of only “bad” people receiving tattoos to completely transcending the social strata — and the way artists approached their infection control routines.  People from all walks of life have a desire to decorate their bodies.  Ms. Mick wrote about this the late 1980’s and early 90’s when she started the alliance of professionals tattooists, inc.  The goal was to educate folks, both in health departments and the tattoo community worldwide, about the art of the tattoo as it relates to infection control — and yes, this change the perception of the artists in the tattoo world 🙂


The tattoo designs and tattoo art above is from Tom Beasley, owner and senior artist of Dragon Moon Tattoo Studio, Inc.  The individuals wearing the art are serious aficionados of serious tattoo art!  We will be featuring clients in the near future as their artwork progresses.


The above tattooing is by Ms. Mick.  We have such fun in our studio; it’s always laughter, good music, good vibes and good people who keep it that way!  Thank you to all who have trusted us with your epidermis 🙂




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