Your Peaceful, No-Hassle Tattoo Experience — Understanding How a Tattooist Creates and What to Expect

Tom Beasley, Owner DMT

We sincerely appreciate our friends in our Community of Color who support our small business.  In the past 45 years we have witnessed many changes in the world of tattooing.  So many talented artists up and coming that keep us freshening our Laurus Nobilis each day — we never rest on those scented herbs.  We still continue to “pay our dues” and homage to the art of tattooing and strive to learn and adapt to the many changes that are on the forefront of our industry.  You can count on our artists to provide you with single service, autoclaved sterilized equipment and materials along with our deeply embedded work ethic.  We are reliable, responsible, professional and prompt in our service to you, our valued clients!

We love our work and spend many hours outside of our tattoo studio creating art — whether it be on canvas, paper or linden boards.  Tom’s beautiful watercolors are available as prints and Ms. Mick’s watercolors and icons are available as one-of-a kind pieces.  We will present the photos of our created art soon.

We’ve had a few revisions to our studio protocols over the course of time and below you’ll find the latest updates on how we create a one-of-a-kind piece for each individual client.  Unless of course, you choose an image from our vast wall selection?  We give our very best effort with each and every tattoo we create — big or small, we do them all 🙂  We are unable to accept walk-ins at this point in time unless a client re-schedules, we will add your name and phone number to our “will call” list.  We do our best to accommodate everyone interested in our services and we thank you for your patience as we care for each person coming through our doors.

We have dedicated our lives to the art of tattoo.  To stay healthy our lifestyle includes whole foods, exercise, getting enough sleep (most nights, anyway — unless the dog barks at the raccoons on the porch!) and keeping our immune systems humming along with herbal remedies and vitamins.  We don’t use drugs or smoke though we’ve been known to drink really good wine and old fashioneds with sugared rims 🙂  We plan on being here to tattoo you and create a lasting “inkpression” for a very long time!

Creating with Tom and Ms. Mick, owners of Dragon Moon Tattoo Studio, Inc. 

Prior to appointment reservations, please give us a call on (410) 768-6471 to reserve your consultation with the artist of your choice.  Currently we haven’t a receptionist other than ourselves and we ask you to please leave a message on our answering machine.  We will return your call the same business day — guaranteed!  We’re open Wednesday through Saturday 12 noon until 6:00 pm.  On the day of your consultation, please bring any reference material with you along with your cash deposit.  Deposits are required to secure tattoo sessions.

Ms. Mick, Co-Owner DMT

DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE.  GIFT CERTIFICATES ARE DEPOSITS AND ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE. Your deposit will remain on file until the last session and then may be used for the finished session or to secure future sessions.  We do not offer refunds; when you reserve time with your artist and decide after making the commitment that you do not want to receive the tattoo, we keep your deposit.  If you miss your scheduled appointment without 24 hour notification, your deposit is forfeited and another deposit is required prior to booking another session.  If future sessions are missed, your session must be paid in full prior to receiving another date on our appointment books — if we decide to retain you as a client. 

Design fees are determined by the artist.  When we create a design for you based on your descriptions and reference material, it takes time and materials to develop your concept into a workable composition.  Design fees are discussed at the time of your consultation.  All artwork is property of Dragon Moon Tattoo Studio until the image is fully tattooed on you.  Design fees are not deducted from the cost of the tattoo sessions.  It is a separate fee.  Should you wish to save the fee, we encourage you to explore your own artistic skills and draw your design or present us with a tattoo-ready outline to be tattooed.  One of our favorite subjects to tattoo is artwork drawn by children — it is truly priceless!

If you like a design you found on the many platforms on the internet, please print it from your printer to the size you wish to have it applied.  Bear in mind, copyrighted artwork on the web will have to have the release of the artist who drew it.  It only takes a moment to write to the person and request permission to use their art for your tattoo.  We cannot quote a price on a tiny image on your cell phone.  Nor do we quote prices over the phone (“how much for a 3×3  inch tattoo with no color?”)  It’s impossible to quote a price for such nebulous ideas.  Having trouble finding exactly what you’re looking for?  Type in “tattoo ideas” and see what happens!  Lettering? is one of our highly recommended sites.  You can download the font style and size and bring it in or send us the link to your lettering style and we’ll download it to our system.  You can always email us though we still need to meet with you in person to discuss the size, placement, financial considerations and “guesstimation” of time for completion.

You must be eighteen to receive a tattooWe require state issued identification such as a driver’s license or age of majority card issued by the MVA, Military ID’s and passports.  We will not accept library cards, work or school ID cards or verbal assurances of age.  No ID?  No tattoo!  We do not provide the service of piercing nor do we sell piercing jewelry or tattoo related “healing” products.  Good old hand lotion is all you need anyway — any kind you desire will keep your skin soft while your new tattoo goes through the healing process.  Keep lotion on your tattoos daily and they will always look beautiful!

If you are experiencing sunburn, poison ivy, lacerations or bruises — please wait until your skin is healed prior to booking your session.  We will re-schedule your session if you come in with previous mentioned skin conditions so please take care when enjoying your gardening or sun worshipping.  Swimming is an essential part of summer vacation and one must wait 7–10 days after getting a new tattoo to swim either in pools, oceans, ponds, lakes or quarries.  This includes spa treatments where your skin is submerged in heated, therapeutic waters.  It’s not a fun vacation if you can’t swim!

Should you choose to use a numbing cream prior to receiving service, please read the instructions on the product you purchase.  Tom is the only artist that will accept clients who use this type of creams and adds an additional fee to his hourly rate.  Ms. Mick is allergic to numbing creams and will not tattoo clients who use this type of product.  A professionally applied tattoo is not a horrible experience.  To ward off unpleasant sensations (nausea, dizziness, etc.), please eat a full meal prior to receiving services — skin is the largest organ you have (sorry guys …) and when its perceived to be under attack, can drop your blood sugar in a New York minute, rendering even the toughest of human beings slobbering like a newborn.  Seriously, if you eat before getting tattooed, you will be able to have a pleasant experience!  We will keep you hydrated but you’re welcome to bring your own water and juices.

If you are inebriated or under the influence of drugs (yes, yes, we know marijuana is legal in Maryland …) we know one cannot enter into a contract and choose a permanent design if they are stoned or drunk.  We will exercise our right to refuse service. “Beagle?  I thought you said Eagle!”  Tattooing is the only piece of art you can take with you when you exit Planet Earth — decorate your skin responsibly!

Paul Rogers – the Grandfather of Modern       Tattooing.  We will forever keep your               memory buzzing in our hearts, Pop!

And last, but not least — take a moment and watch this video.


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