I am terrified of needles but really want a tattoo…

Overcome your fear of needles by getting a tattoo at our studio, feeling is believing! Our needles are solid-core, not like a syringe, so if you equate getting a shot with getting a tattoo, you are in for a pleasant surprise. A professionally applied tattoo feels much like a scratch from a kitten, irritating, but tolerable and there is no worry about getting toxoplasmosis*!

Take this simple test: Scratch the area that you were thinking of getting your new tattoo with your fingernail. Now scratch the area several times until it feels like sunburn. How did that feel? Everyone has a different level of tolerance for pain, and depending on the size of your tattoo, the levels will vary. Relax, you are in the hands of competent professionals!

*Toxoplasmosis is a common infection by the protozoan intracellular parasite Taxaplams gondii, characterized in the congenital form by liver and brain involvement, with cerebral classification, convulsions, blindness, microencephaly, hydroencephaly and mental retardation. Cats acquire this organism by eating infected birds and mice. Cysts of the organisms are transmitted from cat feces to humans who handle cat droppings or change the litter box. Pregnant women are advised not to handle cats, cat feces, or litter boxes.

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