I am afraid of getting HIV, AIDS and Hepatitis from my tattoo…

There have been to date no recorded cases of HIV infection from tattooing according to the Centers for Disease Control. Again, needles are solid-core, not hollow. It takes 100 microlitres of blood, (equivalent to 10 drops of blood) and deep intramuscular needle sticks to transmit HIV. We have always used autoclave sterilization. Use of an autoclave is the ONLY method of sterilization that kills all living microorganisms known to man. See Guidelines For Infection Control. Hepatitis B can live in a dried drop of blood for up to 10 days and is definitely transmittable through unsterilized and improperly sterilized tattoo equipment and needles. All of our needles are discarded after each client and the work space is meticulously disinfected with EPA approved virucidals. The risk to you becoming infected with Hepatitis B or any other borne pathogens from a tattoo applied by Dragon Moon Tattoo is ZERO!

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