Time is an Illusion


  “Time may change me, but I can’t trace time!”  Oh the song David Bowie penned in the ’70’s still rings true to today.  We cannot stop time and as we all know, time is always changing as it’s man made concept.  However, when you book your time with our artists within the hallowed walls of Dragon Moon Tattoo, we give our undivided time, care and attention to you and the application of your new tattoo!   We know the tattoo will outlast your time spent on Earth.

Having fun creating designs in the skin is one of the most fascinating artforms known to mankind and before you realize, time has escaped the process and the image is finished (for the time being — tattoos are addictive!) until you book your next session 🙂

Many requests come through the phone or the web “how much and how long will it take?”  Impossible to answer without meeting with you in person.  Everyone is different and everyone will sit for the tattoo differently.  There are many aspects to sit through a session of tattooing — tired, hungry and dehydrated?  One won’t last too long without food or water.  Food is energy and consuming a banana prior to a six hour session will give you the distance of going to the beach on 1/8th of a tank of gas.  Eat high protein, low carbohydrate and you’re welcome to bring along power snacks.  We do keep consumables and water on hand for folks who are so excited before getting their tattoo, they forget to eat!   foods

What will be the cost of your new tattoo?  We can only tell you our minimum fee starts at $125.00 and rises from there for smaller tattoos.  Medium and large scale work has a price tag attached to it — a gentle reminder that your design will be with you for a lifetime.  The old saying “pay the price, it’s twice as nice!” still rings true today.  It’s best to give us a call on 410-768-6471 and schedule a consultation.  If you have reference material, bring it along.  We will sit with you and discuss the size, complexity (or simplicity) of the image you wish and a “guesstimate” of time to complete your project.  Financial considerations are taken into account and many folks place weekly or bi-weekly deposits on file until the total cost is reached.

We’ve been doing this a long time and take our creations seriously.  Your ultimate happiness is our goal.  You’re the individual that will wake up every morning and have the first look at the permanent change to your anatomy — it is your vision turned reality 🙂




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