Appointment reservations are required for *custom work, large or small.

We welcome daily walk-ins on a first-come-first-served basis. Saturdays are always walk-in days and we apply no custom work on Saturday unless you are booked with Tom Beasley.

Please follow the steps below to secure your appointment date and time:

  • Prior to appointment reservations, please call Dragon Moon to reserve your consultation with the artist of your choice to discuss your thoughts and ideas
  • Please bring any reference material with you for your consultation
  • Cash deposits only to secure tattoo appointments. DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE.
  • Your cash deposit will either be deducted from the first session or should you prefer, be carried to the next session
  • Balances due may be paid with a Visa or MasterCard at the time of service by the cardholder only ~ if another individual is paying for your session with their credit card, they must be present, with their photo ID, to give written consent to the credit card charge and sign their name to your consent form — NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Art fees are determined by the artist and are not deducted from the cost of the tattoo design
  • Art fees are determined by the artist depending on the intricacy and complexity of the design ~ your custom artwork is **guaranteed not to be reproduced on another individual by an artist from Dragon Moon
  • Please discuss your tattoo ideas with signifcant others, spouses, family members or friends PRIOR to making the commitment to alter/decorate or permanently change your appearance. If you have financial considerations or are with a person who is not in support of YOUR decision or commitment to alter/decorate/change your appearance then re-think what you wish to do with your body if their input is important to you! Public display of marital disputes are NOT welcomed in our studio and you will be asked to leave. If you wish to behave like a contestant on The Jerry Springer Show, click and at least get paid for behaving like an idiot.


  • We accept cash, Visa or MasterCard for services
  • No personal checks
  • Money orders drawn on a recognized banking institution in the exact amount of the tattoo session
  • Traveler’s checks are just that — checks — we don’t accept them!


  • Should you desire to make extensive changes to your custom or wall design or change your design completely prior to the actual application, you may be rescheduled
  • We offer NO REFUNDS ~ when you reserve the time with our artists and decide after making the reservations that you do not want to get a tattoo, we keep your deposit for time spent ~ please be certain about your session prior to booking the appointment!
  • If you miss your scheduled appointment more than twice, you forfeit your deposit and future sessions are compromised.
  • Our insurance coverage does not extend to visitors in the artist’s rooms ~ friends and family must wait in the lobby ~ no exceptions!
  • Acceptable forms of photo identification: State issued driver’s licenses, Military I.D.’s, Current passports, Age of Majority Cards issued by MVA. We do not accept library cards, work or school I.D.’s, kindergarten diplomas (yes, it’s happened!) or any plastic cards with your name on it ~ photo I.D.’s only

Custom artwork is defined as “anything we draw for you … either from a verbal description or artwork that must be re-drawn from an unsuitable image provided by the client”

** We have made every effort to protect your custom artwork from being replicated by pirates in the tattoo industry by installing a both a function disabled feature to the photo displays within our site. If you do not wish for your completed tattoo to be published on our site, please let us know in advance!