How do I care for my new tattoo?

The most important step in caring for your new tattoo is WASH YOUR HANDS before you remove your bandage. Proper hand washing will help to avoid “self-infection” from contaminated hands, especially if you have dogs, cats or birds in your home. Wash the tattoo with mild soap and warm water to remove the residual blood and ointments. […]

I’ve seen similar designs elsewhere that are cheaper…

We do not view our clients as guinea pigs upon which to practice. While others may charge less, our clients understand they are being tattooed by trained, competent, educated professionals with a lengthy history of customer satisfaction. Our respect for the human skin is immeasurable. This respect shows in each tattoo we create, as they are applied […]

Your Peaceful, No-Hassle Tattoo Experience — Understanding How a Tattooist Creates and What to Expect


We sincerely appreciate our friends in our Community of Color who support our small business.  In the past 45 years we have witnessed many changes in the world of tattooing.  So many talented artists up and coming that keep us freshening our Laurus Nobilis each day — we never rest on those scented herbs.  We […]


Ramen Kitty

Always in love with Nature and the beauty of transformations; seeds into flowers, vegetables and trees, tadpoles into frogs and caterpillars into butterflies!  Since 1978, Dragon Moon Tattoo Studio, Inc. has transformed drawings on paper onto the bodies of thousands of clients and we continue to do so.  Long ago we made the decision to […]