Tom Beasley

Drawing the dragon

Drawing the dragon


Tattooing Bob’s Dragon & Phoenix backpiece

Tattooing since 1973, Tom recently received the Bob Shaw Award presented by National Tattoo Association for his longevity in the tattoo business.  With 40+ years experience, Tom loves his Oriental style of tattooing and developing relationships with his clients.  “People that come in for a tattoo become more than a client, they become part of our family.” says Tom.  A man of few words, he lets his art speak for itself.  Years of adorning people with body suits, sleeves and yes, even small tattoos has not taken its toll on his energy.  “I still work seven days a week for the most part.  My wife says I need to take at least one day off each week, but one day flows into the next, so I’m here for you.”

A question posed to Tom recently about him ever wanting to retire, he answered “I’ll die with this tattoo machine in my hand, there is no retirement for me–tattooing is my life’s passion.”  Many of his friends have retired from work and spend their time in his chair.  “It’s a good place to be” says Dave “good company, great artwork and it’s a very comfortable environment.”

Tom can be found in the studio he established in 1978 by private appointment only with advance cash deposits and a 5 hour minimum.