Mick Michieli-Beasley

Orchid looks like Holy Spirit

Orchid looks like Holy Spirit


Growing up a dyed-in-the-wool Catholic family, my parents were fairly concerned when their first born daughter picked up a tattoo machine and decided this was to be her career.  Since 1985 (after receiving the blessing from a Benedictine monk to “go forth and make art”) I’m still tattooing!  My approach has always been to say a prayer before I tattoo anyone, I find that many people have a need for prayer.  I do keep Holy Water at my station for those that would like me to use it in their tattoo, I find it’s use has a remarkable calming effect on my clients.

My private room is decorated with the images that I love, icons everywhere and walls painted a serene color of blue.  I like people to be relaxed and comfortable, to enjoy the process of choosing to receive a tattoo;  it’s a very direct energy that is being used and must be used with positive action!

In addition to my tattooing, I make jewelry, write icons and recently started school to become an herbalist.

Give me a call on 410-768-6471 or you can write me directly at mickmichielibeasley@gmail.com for inquiries about jewelry and icons but to reserve appointments for tattooing, please write me at tattoo@dragonmoontattoo.com


Jasper and FrogCoral and Cortesan Cat

Handmade focal bead