I have a tattoo that was applied by an inexperienced person; can one of your artists cover it up?


Sorry to hear that you were used as a guinea pig, but you are far from being alone, so there is some comfort in numbers. The artists at Dragon Moon can cover up poor work. However, a cover up depends on several issues that must be addressed:

  1. Did an individual that practices infection control apply the tattoo?
    If the answer is yes; your tattoo may be covered after it has healed completely. This usually takes about 45 days as new skin is formed. If the answer is no, then we ask that you wait 6 months from the date you were tattooed due to the fact that the incubation period for Hepatitis B is 3 weeks to 6 months. See your physician if you experience flu-like symptoms or jaundice. Please click here for Guidelines to Infection Control and Universal Precautions.

  2. How large or dark does the new design have to be in order to cover the old tattoo?
    This would require a visual inspection of the offensive piece by members of our staff and a discussion with you of ideas you may have in mind. Together we will determine what design may be used for cover-up.

  3. Do you have a size restriction?
    Although we cover up many inferior tattoos, some are just not possible to bury with a new design due to size restriction placed by the client. We often hear, “I don’t want the new design any bigger than the ugly one!” Or “Can’t we just work with the one I already have?” Often the new design may have to be larger to completely obscure the old one, after all, that is the goal of a cover up. If size is not an issue, we will discuss our mutual ideas of what is going to work the best and make you happiest.

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