Introducing Our New Receptionist!

My Fall Snapchat photo-hahaha! I love to have fun!

The person who answers the phone and helps you schedule your tattoo appointments has a name and an awesome personality to go along with it!  We’ve filled the reception position July 14, 2018 and couldn’t be happier with the performance of this intelligent, self-starting young woman.  In her short time here, she has exceeded our expectations in her service to our studio and artists; she finds things to do when others who had this position thought there was nothing to do!  She innately understands customer service and is a true gem to our our studio!  Sooooo, without further ado–I will allow this cheerful soul to introduce herself …

Hi I am Victoria; you will meet me when you give us a call for a question or come in to schedule a tattoo.  I split my time between Dragon Moon Tattoo and Glen Burnie High School, finishing my senior year.

I’ve loved tattoos from an early age so it was not much of a surprise to anyone when they found out I had landed a job here at Dragon Moon Tattoo. The fact that I can help a mere thought transform into a new tattoo is truly rewarding and I am very thankful to be in this position. With only one tattoo I am blessed to be surrounded by the amount of creativity; everyday I leave with so many future tattoo ideas. I know waiting to get back in the chair is not everyone’s favorite thing to do so please come and talk to me about your dogs or any animal really.  I am a die hard animal lover with a rescue pit bull and a rescue schnauzer poodle mix of my own, who take up most of the space on my phone with their pictures 🙂

I look forward to helping everyone who walks through our doors and personally invite you to stop by for a visit!


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