Happy Chinese New Year, Beautiful Boars!

Christmas and New Year have gone and now we turn our attention to festivities in February (we’ll talk about Valentine’s day later)!  We knew we wanted to attend the festivals in Chinatown in Washington, DC so in scouting out activities for the Chinese New Year, I came across a few tidbits about the 12th animal in the Chinese Zodiac, The Pig:

“Pigs are gentle and rarely lose their temper. Even when they do, it’s never a dramatic commotion. They’ll always try to compromise and settle things quickly. Because their goal in life is for everyone to live in harmony, they are suitable for careers related to charity and fundraisers.  They are also very tolerant and understanding. If someone makes a mistake, they’ll try to help the person fix it. They are patient and want the best for everyone. This makes them great teachers and coaches.”  Quoting this from the web source, I’ve discovered much more about the nature of the Boar by living as one!  Curious, with an insatiable quest for knowledge of any kind (trivia nut) and seeking perfection while knowing nothing is perfect.  I’m headstrong, creative and like a kitten, will always land on my feet.  I’m tolerant to a point but did have the kanji for patience and calm temper etched on my porcelain crowns to remind me to practice these virtues.  Adding a corgi to our life has elevated this concept of patience and calm temper to a new dimension … it is through the teachings of Thich Nhat Hahn that this dog is still breathing.  I digress, back to Boars and China …

A quick visit to another site, shows Boars to “make full use of their two great qualities: the entrepreneurial spirit and the talent for making money.”  Honestly, money has never meant much to me–realizing it is a medium of exchange but one cannot put their faith into pieces of paper or metals.  Money cannot buy happiness (but it can buy a new tattoo and Dunkin Donuts coffee-medium, 3 creams please!) so I’m a bit curious as to what my entrepreneurial spirit will show me in 2019.  I had started a project awhile ago, perhaps I’ll dust if off and give it a go.  I won’t tell you what it is so as not to jinx it!

Making New Year resolutions is part of our American tradition, most of which are broken within the first month of January … but since we also celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Boar (Tuesday, February 5th) we have an additional month to stick to our goals or keep the plans we set for ourselves.  Generally  taking 30 days to form new habits or create a different or healthier lifestyle change,  I read somewhere that if you verbalize your resolutions you are sure to break them but it didn’t say anything about typing them into a blog!  So this year, I quit smoking.  Nicotine … what a demon to tangle with!  Any minute I’m certain flames are shooting out of my eye balls and anything in my path will be reduced to a pile of smoking ash.  Fortunately for myself and others in close proximity, I practice frequent meditation so no one is in any immediate danger of being immolated.  I’ve also increased my consumption of dried out cakes, cookies and Lindt chocolates which is the “calm temper” approach to this whole quitting smoking process.  I’ve also decided to pretend that Tic-Tacs are placebo pills in lieu of taking chantix.  I did not wish to go that route because I already have a ton of strange dreams and Tic-Tacs have the same effect as chantix without the chemical brain change thing, if you believe it does! 

We’d love to hear your New Year resolutions and invite you to stop in to share the changes you’ve decided to make while getting your new tattoo or piercing.  If anyone is interested in getting the boar image as a tattoo, just let Mick know–she loves being a Boar but doesn’t care much for truffles unless they’re made of chocolate!  Happy New Year, Chinese or otherwise!  

Link to activities in Chinatown: www.washington.org


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