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Kickin it at Dragon Moon!

Karate Master, Curtis Cash and his wife Brittany stopped in today to receive a tattoo commemorating the achievement of 5th degree Black Belt for Curtis.  Brittany received her Black Belt at the tender age of 12 and both of their children are in students in the karate school they own; Kick Xplosion TKD located on 1031 Benfield Blvd. […]

Happy Birthday, Tomika!

Happy Birthday to Tomika who stopped in with her daughters today.  As part of her birthday celebration,  Tomika treated herself to a nose piercing and decided to follow us on social media because she is so nice and she really likes her new addition!  Isn’t she beautiful?!!  Enjoy your special day with your girls and we hope […]


Mother and daughters tattoos, what a great way to show your love for one another!  Thank you Julie, Sarah and Hannah for visiting with us, we welcome you to the Dragon Moon Family!  Adam tattooed Mom (Julie) and Sarah as Jacob tattooed sister, Hannah.  The swallow is a symbol for family.  We had a great time with […]

Three Sisters

So, how does the story go?  Three sisters walk into a bar … no, that’s not it!  Three sisters walk into a tattoo studio and had one of the most memorable evenings!  People talk about their great “drunk” stories but we have a great tattoo story. From the moment we walked into Dragon Moon, we […]

Black Cats … Bad Luck?

Black cats have, for centuries, been associated with bad luck.  During the Middle Ages black cats were often thought to be witches and demons in disguise and were tortured and burned.  Fast forward to present times; black cats are still associated with evil and local SPCA’s will not adopt out black cats during Halloween as […]


I’ll be out of the studio on Saturday, October 31st with my little skelly vampire but stop by Dragon Moon for our BOGO on select jewelry!  BOGO ends December 31st.  Comment on this blog post and receive $10.00 off your next piercing–my little gift to you!  Please call to make an appointment for this special offer. I’ll […]

Dragon Design

I had the opportunity to finish this dragon design I started two years ago on my son’s Grandmother, Trish F.  Placed on hold due to pregnancy, we finished the dragon this week.  A big thank you, Trish!  It’s been a long and winding road filled with fun and laughter!  Thank you for your continued patronage […]