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Thankful …

I would like to let everyone know how thankful I am today (and everyday) that I get to do what I love.  Tattooing gives me a purpose and a place in this world; I am awestruck by the amazing people I meet and the stories we share with each other, I feel like we each help […]

In Memory of Eya

After a long day tattooing, I was asked to do some simple lettering on a young man’s football helmet.  Sure!  Turns out the young man is Mick’s grandson, Peter Anthony, and the lettering was for his helmet so he could win the next day’s game for his Grandmother, Barbara.  His loving nickname for her is […]

1st post EVER!

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!!!  After the soil is irrigated, tilled, planted,  After you have had your feet in the soil long enough, absorbed all the sun you can handle.  It is then you will realize it is time to come in and get that large project of a tattoo finished!  Untill then, drink till your […]