Archive | June, 2017

Okay, now that I know that I am not going to get anything but a beautiful tattoo from you, what can I expect to pay for a design?

Our minimum fee is $100 dollars. Small tattoos range from $100.00 to $225.00. Medium designs range in price from $225.00 to $500.00. Larger tattoos range from $500.00 and up. We have a great selection of wall designs within your price range – for custom rates please stop in. Saturdays are walk-ins only – no custom […]

Can I come in today and get a tattoo?

Our Studio accepts daily walk-ins and is scheduled on a first come first serve basis. Generally, walk-ins are convenient for individuals that choose a design from the wall selection. Although there may be individuals ahead of you who walked in and selected a design that may take 4 or more hours to complete, we have […]

How do I care for my new tattoo?

The most important step in caring for your new tattoo is WASH YOUR HANDS before you remove your bandage. Proper hand washing will help to avoid “self-infection” from contaminated hands, especially if you have dogs, cats or birds in your home. Wash the tattoo with mild soap and warm water to remove the residual blood […]