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Andrew’s 18th Birthday Tattoo

January 28, 1998 brought our grandson into this world.  Today he is a brand new 18 year old!  Happy Birthday, Andrew!  Uncle Jake signed him in to consent to his tattoo and GrandpaTom applied the image of a Horitomo MonMon Cat tattooing his MonMon buddy cat.  The design is changed from the original, with the cat getting […]

Fresh Air Brings Positive Changes

With the shining of the sun and the melting of the snow a breath of fresh air is felt throughout the studio.  One can almost feel Springtime coming.  With this blanket of snow its sure to give our gardens much needed moisture, I can hardly wait to get outside to landscape the back yard of […]


“I like this lot the best!  It’s away from all the other homes in the neighborhood and I love the long driveway we will have, I can already see the landscape design in my head!” so sayeth she of advanced crow eating techniques.  “What about shoveling when it snows?  It’s going to be a bitch […]


Okay, it’s time for me to eat crow though I’d rather be eating Tom’s kick ass chili … which is imminent but first the crow … I WAS WRONG!  The other day I posted that really, this is Maryland–hardly any snowfall to speak of (other than the blizzard of 2009) and I was laughing at […]

Inclement Weather

We will be closed Saturday, January 23, 2016.  All appointments on our books have been re-scheduled unless you have a voice mail that is full and we couldn’t  leave a message for you … We plan on being open Sunday, January 24 at 12 noon — unless you hear from us otherwise. Stay warm, safe and […]

Kickin it at Dragon Moon!

Karate Master, Curtis Cash and his wife Brittany stopped in today to receive a tattoo commemorating the achievement of 5th degree Black Belt for Curtis.  Brittany received her Black Belt at the tender age of 12 and both of their children are in students in the karate school they own; Kick Xplosion TKD located on 1031 Benfield Blvd. […]

Trained to Withstand

Tony is a veteran and in describing how he can sit still for seven to eight hours at a time “I was trained to think of other things if I were to be tortured by the enemy.  The enemy is trained to use various painful techniques to retrieve information to use against our military forces, but I […]


We love snow storms but we’d rather be tattooing!  In the event that we actually have more than a dusting this coming Friday and Saturday–all appointments will be re-scheduled.  We do know that Maryland can have some serious snow (remember 2009?!) but most of the time it’s a small amount, much less than predicted and […]

Happy Birthday, Tomika!

Happy Birthday to Tomika who stopped in with her daughters today.  As part of her birthday celebration,  Tomika treated herself to a nose piercing and decided to follow us on social media because she is so nice and she really likes her new addition!  Isn’t she beautiful?!!  Enjoy your special day with your girls and we hope […]