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A Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving

We would like to take a moment and reflect upon what we are thankful for … our associates who work hard, our Tattoo Family who have kept us busy for the past 38 years and more to come, our kids and grandkids and great-grandkids who keep us laughing, our parents who taught us to work […]


Mother and daughters tattoos, what a great way to show your love for one another!  Thank you Julie, Sarah and Hannah for visiting with us, we welcome you to the Dragon Moon Family!  Adam tattooed Mom (Julie) and Sarah as Jacob tattooed sister, Hannah.  The swallow is a symbol for family.  We had a great time with […]

A Baltimore Crab

Artist Kenn Chisholm stopped in with his lovely wife Heather and their two children last night and gave me a beautiful crab painting he created. Taking about 20 hours to work in acrylic paint, Kenn did a magnificent job.  It is a beautiful addition to the artwork in my room and looks down upon us […]

Three Sisters

“Erik tattooed Wendy, our sister with the most experience at getting tattoos.  Wendy truly appreciated his attention to detail, especially since it was her wrist being done.”  She sat like a little rock while Erik placed her tattoo and fired up his machines.  I like working on fun women, the sisters were full of good energy and […]

Three Sisters

So, how does the story go?  Three sisters walk into a bar … no, that’s not it!  Three sisters walk into a tattoo studio and had one of the most memorable evenings!  People talk about their great “drunk” stories but we have a great tattoo story. From the moment we walked into Dragon Moon, we […]

Family Jewels

Andy worked in Dragon Moon as one of our piercers from 1991–1994, a wonderful member of our tattoo family, he stopped in today to celebrate the discovery of two jewels which had been missing from own his family crown.  We’ll let Andy write about his experience: “I commemorate all of the important events in my life, call […]

The Difference is Experience and Experience DOES make a Difference

We will celebrate our 38th year in business come January, 2016.  A myriad of reasons keep us busy; our impeccable reputation for beautiful art and “spare no expense” methods of sterilization coupled with a friendly and calm atmosphere in which to create, brings long-time clients back for more and makes for new friends daily.  It’s the Dragon […]

Thankful …

I would like to let everyone know how thankful I am today (and everyday) that I get to do what I love.  Tattooing gives me a purpose and a place in this world; I am awestruck by the amazing people I meet and the stories we share with each other, I feel like we each help […]

All Saints Day

All Saints Day is a a special day to honor all saints, known and unknown.  Who is your patron saint?  Mine is St. Michael the Archangel, I was named after him.  I met him when I was four years old.  I’m not crazy … we live in a world of seen and unseen.  St. Michael […]