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Black Cats … Bad Luck?

Black cats have, for centuries, been associated with bad luck.  During the Middle Ages black cats were often thought to be witches and demons in disguise and were tortured and burned.  Fast forward to present times; black cats are still associated with evil and local SPCA’s will not adopt out black cats during Halloween as […]

In Memory of Eya

After a long day tattooing, I was asked to do some simple lettering on a young man’s football helmet.  Sure!  Turns out the young man is Mick’s grandson, Peter Anthony, and the lettering was for his helmet so he could win the next day’s game for his Grandmother, Barbara.  His loving nickname for her is […]

Interdigitation is Sexy!

Over 1 trillion microbes set up housekeeping on our skin, most of which are not harmful to our personal beings.  However since staph and other microbes can cause disease–hand washing is the single most important step in controlling, removing or eliminating infectious organisms.  Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it?  A quick shove under the faucets, slosh […]


I’ll be out of the studio on Saturday, October 31st with my little skelly vampire but stop by Dragon Moon for our BOGO on select jewelry!  BOGO ends December 31st.  Comment on this blog post and receive $10.00 off your next piercing–my little gift to you!  Please call to make an appointment for this special offer. I’ll […]


The month has flown by … actually, the entire Summer has flown by!  We’ve been taking care of our wonderful clients and establishing relationships with our new clients; we love meeting new people and welcoming them into our Dragon Moon Family. In July, my beautiful daughter, Carrie turned … fofoforfortforty  Carrie is a master hairstylist and has been creating styles […]