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I've seen similar designs elsewhere that are cheaper...

We do not view our clients as guinea pigs upon which to practice. While others may charge less, our clients understand they are being tattooed by trained, competent, educated professionals with a lengthy history of customer satisfaction. Our respect for the human skin is immeasurable. This respect shows in each tattoo we create, as they are applied with the technical precision and experience required for a design of lasting beauty.

The timeless adage "The bitterness of poor quality outlasts the sweetness of a cheap price" is our embraced belief and we will not compromise our artistic integrity at the expense of our clients.

I really don't want this grinning skull on my neck anymore, can you remove tattoos?

Dragon Moon Tattoo does not remove tattoos. We kindly refer you to Dr. Steven B. Snyder, M.D. who is a Board Certified Dermatologist and Cosmetic Laser Surgeon. Doctor Snyder is known as "The Skin Doc" to many individuals within the body arts industry and is trusted by all. His address is:

Dermatology Laser Center
10220 South Dolfield Road
Suite 110
Owings Mills, MD 21117
Phone: (410) 356-0000    (yes, four zeroes)

How do I care for my new tattoo?

The most important step in caring for your new tattoo is WASH YOUR HANDS before you remove your bandage. Proper hand washing will help to avoid "self-infection" from contaminated hands, especially if you have dogs, cats or birds in your home. Wash the tattoo with mild soap and warm water to remove the residual blood and ointments. Blot dry. Let the tattoo air dry for one hour. Apply hand lotion of your choice several times a day for the next few weeks. Take care to thoroughly rub the lotion into the tattoo. If you leave large amounts of lotion on the tattoo, air can not circulate to facilitate healing. Your new tattoo will peel and flake, much like a sunburn. Expect to see bits of colored flaking from the design. This doesn't mean the tattoo is "falling off," but to the first timer, it looks that way! Its there forever and for your sake, don't pick at it.

I have a tattoo that was applied by an inexperienced person; can one of your artists cover it up?

Sorry to hear that you were used as a guinea pig, but you are far from being alone, so there is some comfort in numbers. The artists at Dragon Moon can cover up poor work. However, a cover up depends on several issues that must be addressed:

  1. Did an individual that practices infection control apply the tattoo?
    If the answer is yes; your tattoo may be covered after it has healed completely. This usually takes about 45 days as new skin is formed. If the answer is no, then we ask that you wait 6 months from the date you were tattooed due to the fact that the incubation period for Hepatitis B is 3 weeks to 6 months. See your physician if you experience flu-like symptoms or jaundice. Please click here for Guidelines to Infection Control and Universal Precautions.

  2. How large or dark does the new design have to be in order to cover the old tattoo?
    This would require a visual inspection of the offensive piece by members of our staff and a discussion with you of ideas you may have in mind. Together we will determine what design may be used for cover-up.

  3. Do you have a size restriction?
    Although we cover up many inferior tattoos, some are just not possible to bury with a new design due to size restriction placed by the client. We often hear, "I don't want the new design any bigger than the ugly one!" Or "Can't we just work with the one I already have?" Often the new design may have to be larger to completely obscure the old one, after all, that is the goal of a cover up. If size is not an issue, we will discuss our mutual ideas of what is going to work the best and make you happiest.

I have a tattoo that is 25 years old, looks fuzzy, but I still like the tattoo, can anything be done with it?

As our skin ages, it loses some of its elasticity, Aged tattoos can be restored and most often look much better than they did in the beginning. See for yourself!

I started with a small tattoo, can I make additions?

No design is finite; the possibilities for extension are endless. Many clients find out that getting a tattoo is not as bad as they expected and want more. Tattoos can be addicting! Visit us and we will discuss your ideas together, and develop additions that will compliment the existing design.

Can I come in today and get a tattoo?

Our Studio accepts daily walk-ins and is scheduled on a first come first serve basis. Generally, walk-ins are convenient for individuals that choose a design from the wall selection. Although there may be individuals ahead of you who walked in and selected a design that may take 4 or more hours to complete, we have four full time artists to serve you, so your wait may not be as long as you have anticipated. If you bring a design out of a book, one that will requires a bit if artistic finessing to process into a tattoo, or have an idea that is not drawn in advance, you may want to considering scheduling an appointment. Appointments require an advance deposit, and are scheduled for a day and time most convenient for you.

What is the difference between "wall work" and "custom work"?

Wall work refers to the designs that you see on our displays. Commonly referred to as "flash" designs, these designs are either drawn or by us or are commercially available from our friends in the business. Custom work refers to a one-of-a-kind tattoo that you had a revelation about and we draw the design from your description. All custom artwork is given to you after the tattoo has been applied. It is our guarantee that no one else will ever have your design. It will never end up on a sheet of "flash" for sale to others.

Okay, now that I know that I am not going to get anything but a beautiful tattoo from you, what can I expect to pay for a design?

Our minimum fee is $100 dollars. Small tattoos range from $100.00 to $225.00. Medium designs range in price from $225.00 to $500.00. Larger tattoos range from $500.00 and up. We have a great selection of wall designs within your price range - for custom rates please stop in.
We aren't the other "guy or girl", they know what their work is worth. If you want your tattoo applied by knowledgeable, experienced professionals pay the price... It's twice as nice!

How do I know that my needle has not been used on someone else and then resterilized?

We have always used single serve needle set-ups. It is our guarantee to you that your continued health and safety is our FIRST priority. We do not re-sterilize needles for use on others. When you physically visit our studio, please ask to see our autoclave log book for verification.

I am afraid of getting HIV, AIDS and Hepatitis from my tattoo...

There have been to date no recorded cases of HIV infection from tattooing according to the Centers for Disease Control. Again, needles are solid-core, not hollow. It takes 100 microlitres of blood, (equivalent to 10 drops of blood) and deep intramuscular needle sticks to transmit HIV. We have always used autoclave sterilization. Use of an autoclave is the ONLY method of sterilization that kills all living microorganisms known to man. See Guidelines For Infection Control. Hepatitis B can live in a dried drop of blood for up to 10 days and is definitely transmittable through unsterilized and improperly sterilized tattoo equipment and needles. All of our needles are discarded after each client and the work space is meticulously disinfected with EPA approved virucidals. The risk to you becoming infected with Hepatitis B or any other borne pathogens from a tattoo applied by Dragon Moon Tattoo is ZERO!

I am terrified of needles but really want a tattoo...

Overcome your fear of needles by getting a tattoo at our studio, feeling is believing! Our needles are solid-core, not like a syringe, so if you equate getting a shot with getting a tattoo, you are in for a pleasant surprise. A professionally applied tattoo feels much like a scratch from a kitten, irritating, but tolerable and there is no worry about getting toxoplasmosis*!

Take this simple test: Scratch the area that you were thinking of getting your new tattoo with your fingernail. Now scratch the area several times until it feels like sunburn. How did that feel? Everyone has a different level of tolerance for pain, and depending on the size of your tattoo, the levels will vary. Relax, you are in the hands of competent professionals!

*Toxoplasmosis is a common infection by the protozoan intracellular parasite Taxaplams gondii, characterized in the congenital form by liver and brain involvement, with cerebral classification, convulsions, blindness, microencephaly, hydroencephaly and mental retardation. Cats acquire this organism by eating infected birds and mice. Cysts of the organisms are transmitted from cat feces to humans who handle cat droppings or change the litter box. Pregnant women are advised not to handle cats, cat feces, or litter boxes.