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Tattooist ~ Owner, Dragon Moon Tattoo

Mick Michieli-Beasley is a diverse woman whose knowledge of her art combined with her effusive nature enables customers to feel completely at ease. "Communication is the key" states Mick, "it takes a positive exchange of ideas and concepts between the client and the artist to create a permanent design of lasting beauty -- anything less would compromise the artistic integrity of the studio."

Personal service and attention to clients is a classic trademark of Dragon Moon Tattoo and this attitude extends itself throughout the tattoo industry. Tirelessly promoting the art of safe tattooing and piercing through continuing education programs for the artist and apprentice, along with strong political activism, has formed lasting changes in society's perspective not only of the tattooist and piercer, but also of the individuals in the community that choose to decorate their bodies. "Tattooing definitely transcends the social strata," says Mick, "your banker, attorney and doctor are more likely to have a tattoo or a piercing!"

The National Tattoo Association recognized Mick's dedication to the tattoo business by creating a special award category for "Outstanding Contributions to the Tattoo Profession" and presenting this award to her at NTA's San Francisco Convention -- 1994. "I believe that empowering individuals in our industry to seek a deeper awareness concerning disease control and prevention, marrying that knowledge with an understanding of legislative politics, achieves the goal of changing negative misperceptions of our chosen profession and subsequently keeps our business from being strangled by undue regulations or outright bans."

Coming from documentable bloodlines of literary and artistic notables, social reformers and political activists; Mick gets her attitude honestly. Her father, Ron Michieli, a 1968 candidate for State Senator of Colorado, encouraged people to stand up and make their voice known or remain silent and suffer under the heavy weight of government regulations. Mr. Michieli became a lobbyist for the National Cattleman's Association after a narrow defeat for the Senate seat. Mick's mother, Barbara, instilled a love of art in all of her children and sold her hand-made ornaments in what little spare time she had, to the Smithsonian Institution. "Keep your nose to the grindstone" was a familiar parental phrase, "ain't no one going to raise you up by your boot-straps but yourself!" Together they raised all of their nine children to believe in themselves and their abilities. High standards and the "hard work" ethic instilled at an early age prevails in Mick's thoughts and actions in daily living. "My parents raised us to make a difference!" quips Mick.

Always open to answering questions from those expressing concerns or fears, whether they are peers within the industry, future clients, parents, health department officials, legislators or members of the media; Mick speaks with authority and experience on a variety of subjects relating to the art of tattoo or the practices of piercing. "To be of service to others, both personally and professionally is especially gratifying when the impossible is achieved -- I aim high, shoot straight, never waiver in my goals and vision, and pee without getting my spurs wet!" 


Professional Statistics

  • Appointed to Town Center Advisory Committee, August 19, 2008

    Glen Burnie, MD.

  • Tattooing since 1985

  • Served partial apprenticeship -- Dark Horse Tattoo, Takoma Park, MD 1985 - 1986
  • Rick's Tattoo -- Arlington, VA, 1986-1987
  • Completed formal training with Tom Beasley and Juli Knight -- Dragon Moon Tattoo, Glen Burnie, MD
  • Co-wrote Guidelines for Safe Tattooing for the FDA -- 1988, included in the Federal PSW manual
  • Researched and published "Preventing Disease Transmission in Tattooing -- The Tattoo Workbook " ©1989 - present (Updated yearly)
  • Cover -- TATTOO -- July, 1991
  • Founded the Alliance of Professional Tattooists with Dr. Kris Sperry -- June 29, 1992
    Served as President, Executive Director and editor/publisher of Skin Scribe, developed pamphlets, FAQ's and public service announcements.
    Joint resignations -- April 1996. No longer affiliates, associates or acts as spokesperson.
  • David Brenner Radio Talk Show -- June, 1992
  • Cover -- Tattoo Revue -- August, 1992
  • The Illustrated Woman -- March, 1993
  • Cover Tattoo -- TATTOO -- May, 1993
  • FDA Consumer Magazine -- September, 1993
  • Recognized by National Tattoo Association for " Outstanding Contributions to the Tattoo Profession " -- 1994
  • Featured in Amy Krakow's book "The Total Tattoo Book", 1994
  • Discovery Channel section on Tattooing, 1995
  • Organized and hosted Baltimore Tattoo Convention -- August, 1995
  • Cover TATTOO calendar -- 1995
  • Founded Sperrick Corporation with Dr. Kris Sperry -- September 1996
    Providing educational and legislative services to body artists world-wide
  • Developed Autoclave Log Manual -- published September, 1996
  • Founded the Maryland Coalition of Professional Tattooists and Body Piercers -- a registered lobbying organization-- January 1997.
    Presently serving as Chairperson
  • Initiated Legicate ©, a legislative tracking service -- September, 1997
  • Marketing Director for the A.J. Bartlinski's Martial Art of Karate -- Karate Supercenter -- 1997 to 1998
  • Speaker: Risky Business 2-A Prevention Conference, Carroll County, MD -- June 10, 1998
  • Member, National Tattoo Association, since 1986
  • Member, Maryland Coalition of Professional Tattooists & Body Piercers
  • Member, American League of Lobbyists
  • Member, Northern Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce
  • Member, Town Center Advisory Committee
  • Women In Leadership
  • Featured on Maryland Public Television section "Artworks" 2004
  • Featured on Voice of America for an interview with regard to tattooing, May 2005
  • Channel 2 News, Baltimore ~ Interview regarding the recent outbreak of MRSA in Anne Arundel County, MD. February, 2006
  • "Preventing Microbial Invasion" seminars offered monthly to the general public. Admission is free of charge and limited to 10 individuals ~ please contact Dragon Moon Tattoo for the next scheduled session.
  • Tireless Promoter and Exhibitor at the Baltimore Museum of Art "Meditations of the African Spirit, Baltimore Ink" Summer, 2008

 Mick continues to write and speak out on issues that affect and impact the tattoo and piercing community, taking a pro-active role in the development of strategies and planning for the formation of other lobbying coalitions and has appeared on numerous radio talk shows debating legislative issues regarding tattooing and piercing including; WXYT - Detroit, WRKO - Boston, Voice of AmericaKRNV - Reno, KCMO - Kansas City, Rod Niehard Show in Philadelphia, guest speaker on National Public Radio and various media publications and documents.

Personal Statistics

  • Married to Tom Beasley
  • Collectively eight children -- four daughters, four sons, with an equal amount of grandchildren and more coming...
  • Background in special education -- early childhood




"Integrity and ethics are integral components of my personality -- some people mistake this for a weakness as they lack those qualities in themselves. Either you walk your talk or get out of my way." - Mick Michieli-Beasley


Mick's Hours: By Appointment Only