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Phone Book

Phoniusbookius ~ Paper Dinosaurs of the Past
As of January 2009, Dragon Moon Tattoo no longer advertises in phone books!
Yes, it is all too sad ... but phone books have been run over by big Google trucks on the Information Superhighway which is why you will no longer see Dragon Moon Tattoo ads in your local and state phone books. 
For many years we have polled clients asking them how they found us;
the answer has always been through word of mouth referrals from happy clients who send
everyone they know or meet to Dragon Moon Tattoo letting us know that our work consistently speaks volumes!
The use of the internet as a tool of finding information has increased exponentially and has shown us most everyone likes to sit in the comfort of their home and let their fingers do the typing to visually experience more than what a phone book ad offers them.  We also like the fact that we are helping the environment by saving the lives of trees which provide life giving oxygen!  We do love paper, (don't get us wrong!) but we know that truly, phone books are dinosaurs of the past.
The photos above are of a few of our grandkids who only know phone books were used as booster seats ...
Dominic Sanchez (age 2) uses his Mom's iPod to find the information he needs (usually games!) Cassius Pinkney (age 18 months) uses his Dad's phone to talk to GraMick and Hannah Pinkney (age 15 months) knows how to start a streaming video on her Mom's phone!
Andrew Pinkney (age 11) knows what a phonebook is but uses the web to find what he needs and Eli Pinkney (age 7) knows doesn't have to sit on them anymore because he is too big!
Ask yourself, when was the last time you used a phonebook? 
We are interested hearing your uses for phonebooks as part of our on-going survey
~ some of the comments we have heard when queried ~ 
most recycle them, some are stored in basements (why??), used as doorstops, made angels out of them, sustainable housing material (use them like you would bricks, remove the plastic first!), litter box material, insulation for gerbils, hamsters, mice and guinea pigs, left in the rain by the mailbox, stepping stools, used as weights until the kid could afford stainless steel dumbbells, thrown at spouse during an argument (not recommended!), saves trees, used as weed deterrent (placing layers of the pages over weeds/cover with dirt/blocks the sun and biodegrades!) and one of our personal favorites: "what's a phonebook?" ...
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2007 Brings Another Rash to the Body Arts Community

House Bill 1022 sponsored by *Justin D. Ross, (Democrat, Prince Georges County, Md.) titled "Sales and Use Tax -- Services" specifically includes tattooing and piercing. The logic (?!) is to raise money for state coffers through TAXING THE LABOR of not only practitioners of body arts disciplines, but anyone who performs a service in the state of Maryland ... which would mean your new tattoo or piercing would cost an extra .*06 cents on every dollar you spend on body arts services ...

Dragon Moon Tattoo Owners, Tom Beasley and Mick Michieli-Beasley generated a petition (click here to view signatures) to defeat this bill as Delegate Ross was just two years old when Tom Beasley opened Dragon Moon in 1978.

"It's time for a major change in Maryland politics" states Tom "Mr. Ross was still in diapers when I opened my business!"

The bill was heard on March 14, 2007 in the House Ways and Means Committee though many individuals were in uproarious opposition to HB 1022 it was conveniently rolled into the budget proposal for 2008 -- a rather sneaky way to place extra taxes on our blood, sweat and now tears ... please write to your representatives to let them hear your voice holler "NO MORE TAXES!!!!!"

Contact your district representatives by visiting and clicking on the link "legislature" located on the left hand buttons, then follow to "contact or find a legislator". While you're at it, send a letter to our elected Governor, Martin O'Malley.

* Ms. Mick is the Chairperson of the Maryland Coalition she regularly receives invitations to political fundraisers. She recently received an invitation to attend an "Authentic Prince Georges County Picnic" by Delegate Ross, hosted by Speaker Michael Busch, Chairman Sheila Hixson, Chairman Maggie McIntosh, Chairman Dereck Davis, Chairman Peter Hammen and Majority Whip Talmadge Branch.

The picnic is:
June 28th, 2007
American Legion Post 136
6900 Greenbelt Road
Greenbelt, Maryland

Ticket prices: $250.00, Patrons $500.00 and Sponsors $1000.00 though if you are a resident of District 22 or a Young Democrat your ticket price is $22.00 ... call 240-687-3754 for more information.

Ms. Mick's response: "I will attend since I love picnics, I'll bring my blanket and baseball bat... I am always down for a good game. "

For those who know Ms. Mick, she has considered running for Governor but she likes her backyard much better!

**the current Maryland state tax is .05 cents, your elected officials propose raising the tax to .06 cents ...

If you don't vote, don't gripe, if you do vote, let them hear you!