Three Sisters

Sisters2So, how does the story go?  Three sisters walk into a bar … no, that’s not it!  Three sisters walk into a tattoo studio and had one of the most memorable evenings!  People talk about their great “drunk” stories but we have a great tattoo story.

From the moment we walked into Dragon Moon, we knew this studio was the best fit for our personalities.  We loved the final art design that Mick, Jacob, Erik and Adam all had influence over.  We all three have a truly original design though the same, each slightly different.

Jacob just blew us away!  Sabrina, our most apprehensive sister chose Jacob, since he made us all feel at ease.  Sabrina is very happy with her body art!!

Thank you, Dragon Moon Tattoo — our tattoo adventure will be told when we are in our 90’s!!

SistersThjodie  & her sisters Sabrina & Wendy!



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