Okay, it’s time for me to eat crow though I’d rather be eating Tom’s kick ass chili … which is imminent but first the crow … I WAS WRONG!  The other day I posted that really, this is Maryland–hardly any snowfall to speak of (other than the blizzard of 2009) and I was laughing at all the people running out to buy bread and toilet paper like that is going to help them in a blizzard.  Hailing from Colorado, we know what a real snow storm is and the weather people are never wrong and when Colorado calls for a state of emergency it’s because the snow will be 10 foot drifts and you will die or head for the Rockies to ski, one or the other!  But I digress … because I loathe admitting I WAS WRONG.

Tom and I decided if the snow was still coming down by 6:00pm Saturday, we would close for Sunday.  The snow is asshole deep to a six foot Sasquatch so folks–sorry; all appointments for Sunday have been re-scheduled and if you were planning on coming over tomorrow as a walk in–well, you got some exercise!  Turn around, go back home and have a hot toddy.  Stay warm, stay safe, stay off the roads and keep the homeless in your prayers.

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