mandalaWe love snow storms but we’d rather be tattooing!  In the event that we actually have more than a dusting this coming Friday and Saturday–all appointments will be re-scheduled.  We do know that Maryland can have some serious snow (remember 2009?!) but most of the time it’s a small amount, much less than predicted and generally not much more than expected.  But you will read right here “weather” or not we’re open or closed (get it? “weather” … sorry for the play on words!).  I’d hate to be from a foreign country and have to learn English … where, wear, ware … etc.

While I’m on it, can anyone answer why people seem to stock up on toilet paper and milk before a snowstorm?  Do people poop more during a snow storm?  Drink more milk?  Well, maybe in homemade hot chocolate?  But seriously folks, if were snowed in, we can’t get in to tattoo you but you can read it right here if you were planning on coming in on a walk-in basis.  We’ll be home in warm fuzzies, good books, hot toddies and waiting til the snow abates to tattoo you!

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