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Hello everyone, Lexi here!

So as most of you know, I am an apprentice, so I am learning about the awesomeness that is tattooing and how to tattoo.  This is something that I will always be extremely excited about and it is a rare gift that I could not be more thankful for.  I have learned so much already in my 4 years of working here and every day I try to better myself and soak up as much information as I possibly can.  I draw as often as I can and will be taking some classes just to further my design education.  So far, I have put together my very own “Green Monster” tattoo machine and Tom is teaching me how to build needles.  There is definitely a science behind it and a technique that can be tricky, but I’m working on it.  Practice makes perfect!  It makes me appreciate the tattoo process that much more knowing how much attention to detail and time is put into every aspect, way before a client even walks into the door.  I will be posting blogs about life at the shop, my apprenticeship, and anything related to tattooing.  So, if you would like to see what this is like and read about my journey down this road deeper into the tattoo industry, be my guest!  I hope you all enjoy it, I know I will even though it is going to be tough.  Also, feel free to write in any comments!  Stay tuned 🙂

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