National Day of Prayer

Yes, it’s on my calendar!  Today is the National Day of Prayer, we are grateful things seem to be settling down in Baltimore.  People are back to work and in happier moods.  I’d like to think it was because we stormed the Heavens for things to settle down…the news is always full of awful things and one feels very helpless to change the negativity that surrounds our world.  Only one thing can change things to a more positive attitude–prayer and lots of it!  Thank you God for our family, friends and business–going strong since 1978

This afternoon I used Holy Water in Andrew’s tattoo!  This is something I do by request.  Many of my clients ask for Holy Water to be used in their tattoo application, it adds a wonderful sense of serenity to an otherwise irritating sensation of being tattooed.  I believe if a person is experiencing difficulties, the use of this sacred water helps them to overcome their spiritual battles.  I’m happy to do it 🙂  Have a blessed week!

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