Measuring Worth

A  moving company was packing up a wealthy man’s estate.  Said the owner to one of the movers, “Be careful with that vase!  It’s over 500 years old!”  The mover replied, “Don’t worry, mister.  I’ll treat it like it was brand new!”

The little story raises the question, how do we determine what a thing is worth?  Some might say its antiquity or rarity.  A tougher question to answer is this: How do we measure a person’s worth?  By their income, power, productivity? Jesus assures us that we all possess great value–simply because we are all sons and daughters of the same Living God.  How do we let people know their true worth?  We do this largely by the way we interact with them.  Today, show someone their real worth by using a gentle tone of voice, provide a listening ear, express gratitude or by performing a simple act of kindness.

This is standard practice in our studio; regardless of income, power or productivity, we don’t use a measuring stick to determine a person’s worth–we are all created in the image of our Creator–and our work shows this.  Stop on in for your new tattoo or piercing from our talented staff at Dragon Moon because YOU are WORTH it!


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