Interested in Saving Money ?!$$$!?

Interested in saving money by believing the hype of home tattooers  touting “custom work” in “private sessions?”   You’ll save money for sure and get FREE hepatitis b, MRSA or worse right along with your botched tattoo …     

Many home tattooers (we call them “scratchers”) rent the home or apartment they live in and the owner of the rental property certainly doesn’t carry homeowners insurance to protect the consumer against the medical costs of treating infected tattoos.

According to the National Institute of Health, a methicillin resistant staphylococci aureus infection (MRSA) can cost upwards of $750.00 to $8,444.00 per patient to treat this superbug.  One in three people  (33%) carry staph in their nose, usually without any signs of illness.  Two in 100 people carry MRSA.  It is impossible to know who is a carrier of staph–until you get the infection then you have to do the homework to discover who gave you the disease!  An estimated 257 million people are infected with hepatitis b resulting in 887,800 deaths from complications of this virus.  Still want to save money?  Hepatitis C and tetanus are other infections one can get (FOR FREE!) by letting a scratcher tattoo you.

Photo 1. depicts a botched image, shaky and inconsistent line work.  Photo 2. close up of poor line work.  Photo 3. the image in the process of being repaired Mick.

So a few questions to ask that home tattooer who postures as a “professional”:

  • Can I see your autoclave and your autoclave log book?
  • Do you buy your “*pre-sterilized needles” from China and re-sterilize them yourself?
  • Why are your dogs bouncing around the home–I believe dogs carry ringworm–how can you assure me my tattoo won’t get infected with ringworm?
  • How are you disposing of my contaminated equipment and materials?  In your own garbage can?
  • You didn’t have me sign a release form-can I sue you when I get infected?

*“pre-sterilized needles” from China are soldered onto the needle bar with lead solder instead of silver solder.  Lead is toxic, the brain being the most sensitive to lead poisoning.  Symptoms include abdominal pain, memory problems, severe headaches and tingling in the hands and feet; lead poisoning can be fatal.

A professional tattoo studio will be happy to provide you with a tour of their facilities, show you the bio-hazard room, show you documentation of proper sterilization procedures and show you the contract with their bio-hazard contract for proper disposal of contaminated sharps.  No animals will ever be allowed in a professional studio.

Now, ask yourself, “Is it worth it to get a cheap tattoo from a scratcher?”  Personally, we’ve never liked the word scratcher as we are all “scratching” the skin but a tattoo is really a controlled abrasion.  A controlled abrasion properly executed in a sterile environment by competent professionals who have serious knowledge about preventing infections. We have sometimes been defrauded by people who have postured themselves as competent professionals with a knowledge of infection control routines only to find out they were seriously lacking in basic hand washing procedures and basic understanding of disease prevention …  the truth will always manifest no matter how hard a person tries to keep up their bullshit.  We realized not only is this person lying to us but won’t listen and adopt our methods of infection control, not to mention shitty line work, sloppy record keeping and just an all around obnoxious, loud mouth know-it-all.  Committed to a ninety day trial period as we do with all new hires–the end could not come fast enough.

Seahorse being eaten by infection

Lovely image of an infected tattoo 🙁

Shown to the right are examples of infected tattoos; we wonder if the people with this type of infection wished they had gone to a legitimate tattoo studio?

The work of professionals is always worth the money.  Pay the price, it’s twice as nice!  Don’t be one of the people in these photos!

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