“How much for …”

Caller: “How much for a one inch by one inch tattoo?”  Response: “Would this be for three large dots in the middle of your forehead or a rendition of the most famous painting in the Sistine Chapel?”  sistine
After thirty nine years, our reply never gets old but answering the question always gives us a smile as the caller gets a bit confused.  Seriously, if you’d like an estimate for a design that is to be permanently pushed into your skin, it’s always best to stop into our studio to discuss this permanent addition to your anatomy.  Our family friendly staff is always ready to help you with your ideas.

We are happy to work within your budget as not all tattoos are going to cost you pound of flesh (no pun intended) though bear in mind this is the ONLY item you can take with you when you exit this planet.  You can’t take your money, home, loved ones or the Rolex you bought with your income tax returns but you can take your tattoos! Dragon Moon tattoos are forever and putting a little thought into something that you will wake up each morning to enjoy is priceless.

Consider all of our equipment is single use and autoclave sterilized (yes, Tom still hand builds each needle) with utmost time, care and attention paid to each and every image applied —  the adage we live by is “there is no time in the face of creativity” and knowing that you are cared for during the most intimate of practices other than sex — again, priceless 🙂  This goes for piercings too– “Oooh?! Really? $45.30 for a nose piercing??”  YES!  The state of Maryland collects their piece of the pie with sales tax on jewelry … jewelry which is also autoclave sterilized and not punched into your beak with a piercing gun …

Drop in anytime during business hours to visit as we’d really like to do the Sistine Chapel though it will have to be a back piece unless you have a really large forehead!