Family Jewels

Andy n ErikAndy worked in Dragon Moon as one of our piercers from 1991–1994, a wonderful member of our tattoo family, he stopped in today to celebrate the discovery of two jewels which had been missing from own his family crown.  We’ll let Andy write about his experience:

“I commemorate all of the important events in my life, call me sentimental–but I’ve waited 40 years to meet my sisters.  My birth Mother placed me for adoption and just recently I was able to seek out records from my birth.  The discovery that I have two siblings from my birth Mom, was an incredible surprise.

I contacted both of my sisters and they agreed to meet me.  We began the process of developing relationships and catching up on forty years of life.  I’m happy to say we’ve been hanging out ever since!

The tattoo I received from Erik today was awesome and fun;  though my sisters haven’t seen “their” tattoo yet, I know they will be excited to see that not only are they both in my heart but now forever on my arm!”

You rock, Andy!  Keep us posted on your Sister’s reactions to indelibly honoring them!







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