Seeds of Healing

  Many years ago we began a healing garden project; inviting family and friends to gather with us, write down their prayers and place them into an envelope which were then buried with the new plantings of flowers and fig trees.  Word spread, the garden grew and soon we found requests for seeds coming from […]

National Day of Prayer

Yes, it’s on my calendar!  Today is the National Day of Prayer, we are grateful things seem to be settling down in Baltimore.  People are back to work and in happier moods.  I’d like to think it was because we stormed the Heavens for things to settle down…the news is always full of awful things […]

End of the year!!!!

Getting closer to a new year!!! Still time for more piercings and tattoos, and of course gift certificates for your loved ones for the perfect last minute Christmas gift!!! Too bad Caleb is too young or I would have a gift certificate in his stocking as well!! Also ALL BODY JEWELRY is B.O.G.O.!!! Mostly standard […]

St. Nicholas

Today is the feast day of St. Nicholas.  We know him as “Santa Claus” but he was a real person, so for those of you who don’t believe in Santa Claus, for shame!!  Read more about St. Nicholas on  On this site you will find activities to do with your children to prepare them for […]

I’m thankful for …

  all of the people who have supported our work since 1978 our staff, Jacob, Adam, Erik, Lexi and my wife for without all of you tattooing would be just a job, not a lifestyle and not nearly as much fun our children who have gone without bedtime stories because I work a lot but your […]


Each and every day is a blessing!  This morning while admiring the tiny bits of snow clinging to the pines and watching the cardinals dart about, I am feeling quite grateful.  Grateful for family, friends, you, our clients reading this (who really have become family and friends!) a thriving business, a pot of coffee, fuzzy socks, my pink pony […]


Seeing as I have off today I thought I would take a minute and make my first ever blog post and wish all my family,friends and all my wonderful clients both old and new a very Happy Thanksgiving.I am very grateful to be where I am at in my life and I have lots to […]

Yo Gabba Gabba Tattoo

Last year Biz Markie visited Dragon Moon Tattoo Studio, Inc. to get a tattoo from artist, Jacob Pinkney.  The relationship blossomed into a friendship and resulted in tickets to Biz’s creation “Yo Gabba Gabba LIVE” at the Hippodrome Theatre in Baltimore.  Last year Jacob and his son, Caleb attended the show and this year, GraMick […]