Dia de los Muertes and All Souls Day


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Happy November 1 and 2!  Its our favorite time of year!!  Mass for the departed loved ones then on to celebrate the living.  For anyone who knows us, we have a special fondness for the Day of the Dead and All Souls Day–our kitchen cabinets painted by Willie Fisher in 2001 are still holding strong, candles lit in loving memory of generations of families who have gone before us and incense smokes til midnight keeping the devils away.

And in so doing, we’d like to keep in prayer those who have risen to the highest of heights:  Connie Hawks, our beloved friend and guidance counselor to our kids, my friend Lynette who lost her father and her cousin in the same week, all the victims of brutal deaths from terrorists both at home and abroad, suicides on both sides of our family and anyone else who has taken their last breath since this story was posted.

Tonight we will arrive to our sanctuary, make a double shot Moscow Mule and think about how precious life is and how we are happy to be breathing, tattooing and serving you.  We will be celebrating our 39th year in business in 2017 and God willing, another 39 and counting to go!

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