“I like this lot the best!  It’s away from all the other homes in the neighborhood and I love the long driveway we will have, I can already see the landscape design in my head!” so sayeth she of advanced crow eating techniques.  “What about shoveling when it snows?  It’s going to be a bitch without a snowblower!” asketh he of advanced crow preparation techniques.  “We have tons of children who will help us remove any snow and then we will have hot chocolate with tiny baby marshmallows after the chore is complete!” she said, with mist in her eyes.  “Besides, how often do we get real snow in Maryland?”  And the story continues … one who loves snow and the other who would rather be in the Bahamas during the Winter.

So the truth of the matter is this; the children have grown and it is up to the two of us and a snowblower with a wheel that doesn’t traction correctly, living in a neighborhood with a homeowners association paying a guy with a little bobcat that plows the width of his little bobcat and dumps the mountain of snow in our very long driveway.  Maybe he can’t see our house from the street?

After an entire day of moving the “dusting” I predicted, we are thanking God we have the makings for Irish coffee of which we enjoyed two each. Today we are going to finish digging out the homestead and then head to our little piece of Heaven in Glen Burnie to prepare a safe path for our tattoo family.  All who had Monday appointments have been re-scheduled.  By the way, if you see any road-kill crows please stop and pick them up for Tom, he is a grill master and with a little barbeque sauce, they make for a tasty meal …

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