CHRISTmas, 2021

As we move toward the best holiday of the year, celebrating the Birth of Christ, please take a moment and look toward your heart to see who you can help this year?  Our homeless, folks addicted to drugs or alcohol, abused or orphaned children, the  sick, distressed or dying?  We have a plethora of individuals and families suffering this year due to struggles we may see or choose not to see as we may be paralyzed by our own sufferings or misfortunes?  It’s a good time to reflect on the true meaning of CHRISTmas …

look outside of yourself after looking inward! We look to folks we know personally who are experiencing difficulties and look to helping them out with our secret gifts.  Matthew 6:1-4 is one of my favorite “Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”  There are many “needy” people on this Earth.  We ALL need love, warmth, security, nurturance, food both for the body and the soul, understanding and an open heartline for communication with those we may be at odds with.  The best gift (in  my humble opinion) is the gift of service; that’s what I am “defined” as in the 1992 book by Gary Chapman titled the “The Five Love Languages”.  Our love language, according to Chapman consists of “service, gift giving, physical touch, quality time and words of affirmation”.  (  and after reading his book ages ago, checked the box of “service” person.  I like doing things for other people and I like other people doing things for and with me!  I don’t need another coffee mug, I’d rather you come over and help me rake leaves or dig in the dirt!  I, in turn, will help you clean your house or till your garden 🙂 

What type of person are you?  Are you a gift giver? A physical toucher? A quality timer? A words of affirmation? Use your God-given talents and gifts to help someone else this year by thinking outside the normal box of shopping either in stores or online.  Go for a gift that will be remembered and cherished years from now!    I long ago gave up sending money to “charities” since now, you can use the web to search how much money is actually going to the cause of which these organizations claim to be helping. will tell you how much of your money goes toward helping folks or how much goes to “administrative costs” or to pay for those fancy brochures and mailers you receive this time of year.  You’ll be shocked how little of the donations received are used for the purpose for which they are designated.  Try helping out at a soup kitchen or donating food by using to find a facility near you.  Homeless shelters are in desperate need of clothing, shoes and personal care items. Try the Franciscan Center in Baltimore; they are always looking for volunteers!

CHRISTmas is also a time when people love to give gift certificates!  They’ll fit into all stockings, under or on the tree!  We all have so much “stuff” but your special someone will always appreciate a new tattoo!  It’s the only piece of art you can take with you when you pass from this Earth.  As we work only by appointment, please give us a call on 410-768-6471 or email us and we’ll schedule a date for you to stop in to purchase your gift certificates

Gift certificates are cash only, no credit cards accepted

We will be closed December 23 through December 27, 2021


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