Christmas 2015

What a great way to begin the Christmas celebration–with old friends and new!  Our three year old grandson, Buglet, drew the names of the winners of the gift certificates.  Prior to the party when I asked him if he would draw the names out of the jar, he said “Yes, I’ll do it, kids don’t lie!”  Such a kick in the pants this kid!  He was dressed as the Elf from the Elf on the Shelf book.  So frikkin adorable!  This is why we have such a great business; celebrating all holidays with fun, friends and family, it makes for a special and welcoming place to visit!

Jacob & Caleb choosing names for the gift certificate drawings

This is how names are drawn by a three year old!


Morgan and kids are staying warm and dry!


Jacob, Caleb and Dave–who won in the $500.00 drawing!


Bob won $500.00!



Vickie and her winnings!


Leila bought a $100.00 certificate then Tony won $500.00!


Our beloved Lexi and friend whose name I cannot remember — damned Sailor Jerry rum!



New members of our family! Okan and John


We threw Adam outside in the rain


The lovely Ms. Birda


The Elf getting sleepy!


The lovely Ms. Terri–after our party Terri cooked perfect burgers and wings at Daniel’s (open air bar in Elkridge) where she is co-owner


Dave, Courtney and Laura. The family that gets tattooed together stays together!


Of course Tom worked throughout the party! Thank you Brandon for sitting still while the party rocked on!


Erik and his rum


Joanie won $100.00 because she makes great ham sandwiches!


Christmas Happiness!


Those cookies look good!

Thank you all for coming on such a rainy evening!  Flood warnings were in abundance but we stayed warm and dry drinking Sailor Jerry rum, eating great food and listening to some great Christmas Blues on satellite radio.  For those who stayed until after the flood warnings died down … yep … each received a $100.00 gift certificate toward their next tattoo — St. Nick rocks!

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