Black Cats … Bad Luck?

My black cat tattoo from Dragon Moon

My cat

My cat with laser eyes!

Black cats have, for centuries, been associated with bad luck.  During the Middle Ages black cats were often thought to be witches and demons in disguise and were tortured and burned.  Fast forward to present times; black cats are still associated with evil and local SPCA’s will not adopt out black cats during Halloween as those involved with satanic cults use these poor kitties in their “sacrificial rituals” during the October celebrations.

Which is why I keep my cat, Junior, indoors a week prior to Halloween and a week after.  I know there are crazy people out there who would love to cause him harm.   He is the most gentle and loving cat I have ever had and today, two sisters who own multiple black cats, came in for their new black cat tattoos!

We had a great time getting to know each other, discussing various aspects of our cats and generally having a good time.  Thank you Amber and Stacey for sharing your stories and a special thank you to John who gave his wife the gift certificate and Amber, who shared her certificate with her sister!

Black cat 2

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