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Always in love with Nature and the beauty of transformations; seeds into flowers, vegetables and trees, tadpoles into frogs and caterpillars into butterflies!  Since 1978, Dragon Moon Tattoo Studio, Inc. has transformed drawings on paper onto the bodies of thousands of clients and we continue to do so.  Long ago we made the decision to […]

Caring Cupboard – Foods for Folks!

With the closing of St. Michael’s Homeless Shelter on Crain Highway in Glen Burnie, we looked for places we can help in our community.  In the recent past we gathered clothing, toys, books and foods for St. Michael’s distribution amongst the city’s poorest during the holiday season. Each Tuesday at their shelter was the day […]

CHRISTmas, 2021

As we move toward the best holiday of the year, celebrating the Birth of Christ, please take a moment and look toward your heart to see who you can help this year?  Our homeless, folks addicted to drugs or alcohol, abused or orphaned children, the  sick, distressed or dying?  We have a plethora of individuals […]