Archive | May, 2015

King of the Jungle

A lion I made the other day for a long time client, trying to finish his African themed 1/2 sleeve. Thanks for toughing it out and letting me finish it in one sitting Ryan, can’t wait to add the background. See you soon buddy..

Dragon Design

I had the opportunity to finish this dragon design I started two years ago on my son’s Grandmother, Trish F.  Placed on hold due to pregnancy, we finished the dragon this week.  A big thank you, Trish!  It’s been a long and winding road filled with fun and laughter!  Thank you for your continued patronage […]

Private Jordon

As we approach Memorial Day and remember our fallen soldiers, we’d also like to think about people we know and love currently in the military choosing to serve their country and willing to fight for our continued freedoms.  This is a photo of my oldest grandson, Pvt. Jordon Sanchez who recently left amid tears and […]

Kay’s New Tattoo

A fun way to start my day with Kay and her new Tinker Bell tattoo!  Thank you Kay for returning to Dragon Moon Tattoo Studio!  Many people think that “Tink” as she is known, was a Disney creation when in fact she was created by the Scottish author Sir James Matthew Barrie.  Tinker Bell did […]

Seeds of Healing

  Many years ago we began a healing garden project; inviting family and friends to gather with us, write down their prayers and place them into an envelope which were then buried with the new plantings of flowers and fig trees.  Word spread, the garden grew and soon we found requests for seeds coming from […]

National Day of Prayer

Yes, it’s on my calendar!  Today is the National Day of Prayer, we are grateful things seem to be settling down in Baltimore.  People are back to work and in happier moods.  I’d like to think it was because we stormed the Heavens for things to settle down…the news is always full of awful things […]