Stars and Stripes

Long may our flag wave! What an awesome process to exercise our right to vote and witness the beautiful process of an inauguration, continuing a tradition since 1798. No matter who you for voted–or against; it sends shivers up and down our collective spines to know we can FREELY choose to vote who our next president […]

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“How much for …”

Caller: “How much for a one inch by one inch tattoo?”  Response: “Would this be for three large dots in the middle of your forehead or a rendition of the most famous painting in the Sistine Chapel?”   After thirty nine years, our reply never gets old but answering the question always gives us a […]

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39 Going on 40!

Changing the numbers is always a good sign of prosperity to come in the New Year! If you would like to be a part of our Dragon Moon Project and have been tattooed or pierced between 1978 and 2017, please call ahead to reserve your date with our photographer as the publish date of 2018 […]

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Happy Birthday! Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY DRAGON MOON! Entering 2017 with a BANG!  We’re 39 years old in the New Year!  We have much to be grateful and thankful for; so many people have crossed our threshold since 1978 — we’ve tattooed and pierced your Great grandparents, Grandparents, Moms, Dads, Sisters, Brothers, Spouses and friends! […]

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Happy First Day of Winter!  Well, maybe not for some who suffer “seasonal affective disorder” but cheer up, we have the ultimate antidote to chase away your winter blues–a cornucopia of happy chemicals that come in the form of the anticipation of getting your new tattoo or piercing! One experiences a type of euphoria similar […]

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Countdown to Christmas and Tattoos!

Nine more days til St. Nicholas arrives bringing warmth and cheer to those less fortunate than ourselves.  Our Giving Tree certainly has produced exceptional results with one unnamed individual in particular who has been most generous in their donations!  We shall see what Jolly Ole Nick has for this person in a Christmas Stocking! Each […]

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A Time of Giving

It’s the time of year to celebrate friendships, think of others and help those less fortunate. As we enter the season of giving and we invite you to visit our studio and take a snowflake from our Giving Tree to support Emmaus Center homeless shelter in Glen Burnie. The snowflakes contain items that are needed […]

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Dia de los Muertes and All Souls Day

Happy November 1 and 2!  Its our favorite time of year!!  Mass for the departed loved ones then on to celebrate the living.  For anyone who knows us, we have a special fondness for the Day of the Dead and All Souls Day–our kitchen cabinets painted by Willie Fisher in 2001 are still holding strong, […]

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July Impressions

Trusting all had a safe and relaxing holiday as we celebrated (and continue) to celebrate our freedoms!  July has always been a special month as it is the birth month of my Father, several children (Carrie, Jacob and Phil) and several grandchildren (Caleb, Dominic who shares this day with Dad!)–an expensive month with birthday presents […]

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A Minor Situation

“A new 18 year old is born every minute and a new 16 year old every second” this has always been a motto for us and we are happy to tattoo or pierce minors.  Our reasoning is, kids will get tattooed whether they are of legal age of consent or not and we’ve tattooed thousands […]

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