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Baltimore The 20th annual Best of Baltimore - Dragon Moon Tattoo Client Highlight

Dragon Moon Tattoo Studio

208 North Crain Highway
Glen Burnie, MD 21061

If you're a tattoo novice and looking for a place to get inked up for the very first time, Dragon Moon -- which also performs body piercings -- has the reputation and history to put you at ease. If, on the other hand, you're a seasoned (and painted) veteran, you're probably already familiar with the studio and its staff.

Dragon Moon opened on Crain Highway in Glen Burnie in 1978. Glen Burnie's rather seedy reputation during the '70s -- an adult theater and bookstore moved into town during the decade -- made it an ideal place for Dragon Moon. "That was probably the only place that would rent to a tattoo artist!" laughs co-owner Mick Michieli-Beasley.

As Glen Burnie changed with the times so did the stigma associated with tattoo parlors. Today, Dragon Moon is one of the premiere body-art venues in Maryland, attracting nationwide clientele, as well as patrons from Switzerland and Japan. The studio operated through "word of mouth until the Internet became available."

So, who comes to Dragon Moon to be tattooed? According to Michieli-Beasley, pretty much everyone: Lawyers, accountants, hairdressers, bikers and college students. Dragon Moon tattooed former Secretary of Navy James Webb and once gave the entire cardiology unit of Johns Hopkins University a photo-realistic heart on their chests.

Custom oriental and tribal tattoos have always been the most popular designs, and roses are still popular with female customers. But the Dragon Moon staff puts its foot down on racist or satanic inkings, and has had to turn away customers because of it. The staff also will not tattoo the face, and only commits to cosmetic tattooing -- tattooing pigment into a lip scar, for example -- upon physician referral.

Dragon Moon has a lengthy history of tattooing minors -- that is, 16- and 17-year-olds -- with the proper ID and parental accompaniment. "We'd rather see them get a nice, safe clean and healthy tattoo than get tattooed by their buddies in their basements," Michieli-Beasley says. The staff discusses procedures and safety methods with concerned parents, and even shows them the facility before a commitment is made.

Despite all the satisfied customers Dragon Moon turns out, Michieli-Beasley, who is Catholic, has one unfulfilled dream: She has yet to have a member of the clergy sit in her tattooing chair. "To tattoo a priest or a nun would be ideal," she says.

Just as long as it's not satanic.--Jamie Peck


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